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CNE RADIO - CANADA BROADCAST ▶ DIVINE MOMENTS-2 ▶ Deliverance in the valley_DVM080914

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Tags: Pastor, Titus, Babalola, Deliverance
Added On: Aug 11, 2014

There are a lot of people leaving in the valley of life. It is very important to find out where one is operating from. You cannot be in the valley of life and to soar like eagles.

Your location determines your position in life. It is very important to understand what can be done to build once destiny on the mountain not in the valley. Valley is curse for a destiny that supposes to be flying.

The power of God will make a shift in this program which surely many lives shall be transformed. I encourage us to be expectant of the massive move of the Holy Spirit that brought back the Ark of God for the Israelites in the Valley.

The position you are in today can be changed only to position yourself for the move of God in this program.

The word of God says and the Ark of God were returned, your joy shall be returned in the name of Jesus.1samuel 6:11-13

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