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CNE RADIO - CANADA BROADCAST ▶ DIVINE MOMENTS-2 ▶ Strangulating the Strangers_DVM110814

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Tags: Pastor, Babalola, Ottawa, Divine
Added On: Nov 09, 2014

Strangulating the strangers. What a world we are in today when the strangers have practically taken over the affairs of humanity.

We cannot freely operate daily without the interceptions of strange situations by strange powers. It is unknown to many that when things refuse to work, there must be some powers or forces responsible for this.

There is nothing happening by chance or accidentally . Behind every successful person, there must be unforeseen forces or powers that may be positive or negative. By the grace of God, Christ has given us the power to subdue the evil unseen powers called strangers in the fulfilling of our destiny. Luke 10:19.

This coming edition of Divine Moment will bring all the strangers into silence for the purpose of God for our lives.

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