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CNE RADIO - CANADA BROADCAST ▶ DIVINE MOMENTS-2 ▶ Challenge the Challengers_DVM121314

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Tags: Pastor, Babalola, Ottawa, Divine
Added On: Dec 13, 2014

There several known and unknown powers that challenges the purpose of God in the life of people. There is no one earth that will not face powers or situation that may either make or mar their destinies.

Many unfulfilled destiny today is simply as a result of failure to handle this powers effectively. But, at the mentioning of the name of Jesus, every knee or power shall bow. We need to challenge the challengers before nailing the coffin of our destinies.

Every single person on earth has to defend the purpose of our existence. Life is a war and only those who are properly equipped shall surely live to declare their purpose on earth. By the grace of God, heaven has purposed to meet with the listeners of our bi-weekly divine moment program each time we meet.

The forth coming divine moment will surely crush the head of your Goliath in the name of Jesus. Shalom.

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