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Knowing your Roots
October 29, 2013



Helping Children who are born of immigrant parents, to learn & understand their roots, including children born in Africa, and raised in Canada. These children came to Canada at a very young age.

B-On the Program Format:


Radio Version: On CNE Live Radio

Television Version: To be recorded and streamed on CNE Network TV                                                                                                          

2-Age range

 We suggest children to be between 12-22 years old (Other age range can be included if need be)


We encourage parents to register their qualified children by sending an email to with the following information: (Please indicate ToYo-TaCo on the subject line)

-Children name



-Parent or guardian name

-Signed Parental authorization will be mailed once registration is received.


To avoid interference with the children school program, which will allow them to properly master the topic, we will conduct the radio show once or twice a month, on a Saturday during our regular radio programs but not the same children will be invited to the show.

Program will surely depend on the number of registered children. 


We might have judges during the show that will operate from their respective location.

Responsibilities include:

                -Tally score

                -Send results to the Station.

                -Handout prices (For TV)

                -Lead judge to balance decisions


We encourage Parents with qualified children to enroll in this program, or if you know any qualified child do not hesitate to spraid the information.

Businesses can sponsor these shows; please contact us at

We look forward to having your children on board.

From the CNE Headquarter

CNE Network, Inc.

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Domard Domard November 12, 2013
Good Idea. I can't wait to see this hapen


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