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Check out new releases here, coming directly from filmmakers.

Before production companies and filmmakers make the decision to give a wide release to their movies, They consider CNE PPV New Release as the one stop for viewers like you.;

Whether you're a new viewer of CNE Network, or casual user, we recommend you stay on this option or come back often as best new movies coming out are listed here.

Choose from the different categories we offer.  

If you’re the kind of movie watcher who likes to browse for current movie titles and latest blockbusters in film, the collection of new movie releases here at CNE Network will fit that purpose.

You’ll find all the newest movies released directly by producers and Filmmakers. Enjoy brand new movie releases at home,  on the big screen or on your portable devices.

We offer a comprehensive selection of African new movie releases in all genres, from action and adventure to family-friendly movies. All of the new movie releases are organized by Category so you can quickly browse, watch the trailers, for a full 30 days.

The good thing is that you pay in bulk and not individual movie. You’ll save money with this option by paying for all the movies listed in each category , mostly classify by release date.

Get more new movie releases for less…We guarantee that!


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