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Pathway To A Greater Life (Ch. 78) ▶ Testimony ▶ Christian Testimony by Dr Telezing

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Tags: Testimony, Telezing, Martin, Hell, Gate
Added On: May 18, 2016

It is not common to see a being, who visited the kingdom of Lucifer, guided by an Angel of God, to witness the suffering of Souls and come back to talk and write about it.

Here is someone who was blessed to be chosen for that trip to hell; he is Dr Telezing, University Professor, man of God, Community leader, and Pastor. He recounts and testifies about what he saw and encountered during his journey to hell...more so, he wrote a book about it, titled, "BEYOND THE GATE OF HELL".

We invite you to watch this testimony video produced by CNE Network. (Newly renovated CNE studios in Los Angeles)

To contact Dr Telezing, send him an email at

For prayer need, email him at

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