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Children (Ch. 60) ▶ Lubb-Dub ▶ CHILDREN (Ch. 60) - Lubb Dub "Eating Habit" by Donatine & Julia

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Tags: Children,lubb dub,health,exercise,food
Added On: Oct 20, 2012

Lubb-Dub or the heart beat sound is a program about promoting children eating habit and regular exercise for a better physical and mental health. This segment is presented by Donatine, 11 years old and Julia, 9 years old.

Isaac Appiah October 30, 2012
Donatine and Julia, Great Job hosting Lubb dub. I enjoyed listening to guys and I am not even a kid.
Keep the good job up.

Best Wishes
Don Kymaa October 23, 2012
Is this not great? let us congratulate these kids.

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