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Movie (Ch.70) ▶ Family Drama ▶ Betrayed & Violated

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Tags: Betrayed, Violated, Drama, Family, Toronto
Added On: Dec 28, 2012

The 14 year old Jasmine is caught in the middle of a family saga. Her aunt, Grace is a workaholic nurse who stays days working overtime to the detriment of her family. Jeff, the husband is accused of molesting Jasmine till contaminating her with the deadly HIV virus...Did he really do that? Find out yourself....

Njieya Chafeh January 05, 2013
The movie was great. From now on i am going to be looking out for perverts. Thanks Don for the movie.
Domard Domard January 02, 2013
Great movie. Thanks CNE Network. You are the best. Can't wait for the Pay Per View channel.

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